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Vocabulary 7.3 & 7.4

The Medieval Church

sacrament sacred ritual of the Roman Catholic Church such as baptism and communion.
Benedictine rule Rules developed around 530 by a monk which regulated monastic life such as obedience, poverty, & chastity, & divides the day into periods of worship, work & study.
secular having to do with worldly, rather than religious matters.
papal supremacy the claim of medieval church leaders in which they claimed authority over all secular rulers.
canon law body of laws of a church.
excommunication Exclusion from the Roman Catholic Church as a penalty for refusing to obey Church law.
interdict in the Roman Catholic Church, excommunication of an entire region, town, or kingdom.
friar a medieval European monk who traveled from place to place preaching to the poor.
St. Francis of Assisi a wealthy Italian who gave up his "wealthy" life in order to preach the Gospels & teach his own examples of good works.
Charter in the Middle Ages, a written document that set out the rights & privileges of a town.
Capital money or wealth used to invest in business or enterprise.
Partnership a group of merchants who joined together to finance a large-scale venture that would have been too costly for any individual trader.
Tenant Farmer someone who would pay rent to a lord to farm part of the lord's land.
Middle Class a group of people, including merchants, traders, & artisans, whose rank was between nobles & peasants.
guild in the Middle Ages, an association of merchants or artisans who cooperated to uphold standards of their trade and to protect their economic interests.
apprentice a young person learning a trade from a master.
journeyman a salaried worker employed by a guild master.
Hanseatic League 1200's - German towns formed this association to protect their trading interests in northern Europe; they took action against pirates,built light houses, & trained ships' pilots
usury lending money at interest.
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