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Foy WH Ch. 12 Test

What are the Five Pillars of Islam? 1. saying there is no God but God and Muhammad is his prophet 2. pray five times a day 3. giving to poor and needy 4. fast during Ramadan 5. travel to Mecca on a hajj
Why did Muhammad’s teachings upset many people? They were polytheistic and he taught that there was one god. Muhammad taught that poor and rich are equal.
What two forms of literature were popular in the Muslim world? poetry and short stories
What types of leaders were caliphs? political and military
What type of climate does Arabia and North Africa have? desert
What Muslim philosophy focused teaches that people can find God’s love by having a personal relationship with God? Sufism
What sect of Islam thought it did not matter who was caliph as long as they were good Muslims and strong leaders? Sunni
What religious policy did most Muslim empires have toward Christians and Jews? They could continue to practice their own religion, as long as they didn’t try to spread it.
What is an Islamic achievement in medicine? medical encyclopedia, first pharmacy, treatment for smallpox
What was an Islamic achievement in geography? better ways of calculating distances
What are some empires or country defeated by Muslim armies? Persian Empire, Byzantine Empire, Spain
Who became the first caliph after Muhammad’s death? Abu Bakr
Which city was the largest and most advanced city in Europe by the 900’s AD and a showplace of Muslim civilization? Córdoba
What area did Muslims make the most achievements in? medicine
Who do Muslims believe spoke to Muhammad to make him a prophet? an angel of Allah
What city finally accepted Islam as its religion in 630 AD? Mecca
What did Muslim artists use as an art form since they could not represent people or animals in paintings due to their religion? calligraphy
What is an Islamic achievement in math? they laid the foundations for modern algebra
What was the greatest Islamic architectural achievement? mosques
What holy book records the messages Muhammad received and is the basis for Islam? Qu'ran
The Arabian Peninsula lies near the intersection of what three continents? Africa, Asia, and Europe
If you are a Muslim who believes that it is your duty to convert people to Islam, what is an extreme way you might try to achieve that goal? Wage jihad, or “holy war”
What Muslim belief is similar to Christianity and Judaism? There is only one God.
If you are calling Muslims to come pray in the mosque, where would you stand? minaret
If you were living on the Arabian Peninsula, where would you go to look for water? oasis
Your family has settled by an oasis so you can farm. What type of lifestyle do you live? sedentary
This city became the capital of the Islamic Empire, was one of the world’s richest cities, and a center of culture and learning: Baghdad
What sect of Islam thought that only members of Muhammad’s family could become caliphs? Shia
What is the name of the system based on Islamic sources and human reason that judges the rightness of actions taken? Shariah Law
What was important about Muhammad’s house? It became the first mosque, or building for Muslim prayer.
What two forces joined together to invade and conquer Spain in 711 AD? Arabs and Berbers
What is an Islamic achievement in astronomy? observatories where people could study space, improvements to the astrolabe
What book is the basis for Sunnah, which provides a model for the duties and way of life of expected Muslims? The hadith
You are a Bedouin tribesman and your family has always moved around for protection and as the seasons changed. What type of lifestyle do you live? nomadic
What are some examples of cultural diffusion? Indians taught Muslims how to make cotton cloth. Muslims spread the Arabic language and their religion wherever they went. Muslim travelers learned how to make paper from the Chinese.
What did Muhammad do when the rulers of Mecca began to threaten to kill him? He fled to the town of Medira and continued his ministry.
Babur established this empire, but it grew mostly under Emperor Akbar. Mughal
This empire took control of the eastern Mediterranean and parts of Europe until the early 1800’s. Ottoman
This empire was a blend of Persian and Muslim traditions and lasted until the mid-1700’s. Safavid
Muslim Turkish warriors took this territory in the mid-1200’s. Ottoman
Mehmed II and Suleyman I led conquests that turned this empire into a world power. Ottoman
This empire began in 1501 when Esma’il conquered Persia and made himself shah. Safavid
The shah of this empire defeated the Uzbek and took back lands that had been lost to the Ottomans. Safavid
This empire practiced Shiism. Safavid
This empire is located in northern India and was comprised of Turkish Muslims from Central Asia. Mughal
Persian Muslims Safavid
Created by: lfoy8290