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Chapters 6,7,8,9

Although attorneys often accept clients on a(n) ___________ fee basis, it is unethical for a physician to do. Contingency.
A(n) _______ specifies the global address of documents or information on the Internet. URL
Health information cannot be used or shared without the patient's ____________. Permission.
Active listening involves: Giving the same attention to a person on the phone as would be given to a person face to face, Concentrating on the conversation at hand, discovering vital information.
A pleasing telephone voice is developed by using: Clarity.
A formal expression of judgement or advice by an expert is called a(n) ______________. Opinion.
Encrypted data are called _______________ text. Cipher
Which of the following greetings is recommended as appropriate for handling incoming calls in an extremely busy medical office? "Dr. Bewell's office, Ms. Blakely speaking."
Administering a lethal drug to patient to promote death is called ____________. Enthanasia
Devices that load a program or data stored on a disk into the computer are called ______________. Disks Drive.
The word used for the selling and buying of goods over the internet is ___________. E-commerce
Something marked by wisdom or judiciousness is said to be _________. Prudent.
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