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What type of government does Australia have? Federal Parliamentary Democaracy
Who is the most powerful person in Australian government? Prime Minister
Who is the figurehead of Australia with very little power? (Monarch) Queen
Who represents the monarch or queen in Australia? Governor-General
Why do most citizens in Australia live along the coast? mild climate, water sources, natural resources
Why does Australia have such a good voter turnout during elections? Voting is required or mandatory
The governor general’s job is to report to the ____________. Queen
How does the high literacy rate in Australia affect its economy and enhance the standard of living for its citizens? A higher literacy rate will bring about economic success and a higher standard of living.
What two countries are Australia’s largest trading partners? China and Japan
Australia is one of the world’s largest producers of _________. (Baahh!!) Wool
Australia has an economy with private ownership and some government control. This would make their economy a________________. Mixed-Market
Australia’s trade is determined by location, climate, and natural ______________. Resources
What one word best describes why Australia’s number one trading partners are located in Asia? Location
Australia’s industries focus on producing high quality coal, iron ore, steel, minerals, and wool. This is called… Specialization
Why does Australia have such a high GDP? Many Natural resources, investment in capital and human capital
The people who were indigenous to Australia are called… Aborigines
Which European country colonized Australia? Great Britain
Explain the major reason the British colonized Australia in the late 1700s. To establish a Penal Colony
What was the greatest threat to the Aborigines after the Europeans began settling Australia? Disease
What is the name of the Aboriginal religion? Dreamtime
What is the largest religion in Australia? Christianity
What are two reasons free settlers came from Britain to Australia? Wealth and Land
Australia is a country and one of the world's seven ____________. (It's actually both) Continents
Australia consists mostly of what land type? (Hint: very dry) Desert
Much of Australia is made up of barren land called the ____________. (Hint: Not the steakhouse) Outback
Australia is the ___________ continent in the world. Flattest
Where do most Australians live? Along the coast
What is the large underwater structure is located along the North Eastern coast of Australia? Great Barrier Reef
What body of water contains the largest reef system in the world? Coral Sea
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