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Chapters 10,11,12,13

If you work for a physician who is frequently called away from the office, it is a good practice to: Create a scheduling system that best accommodates these delays.
If a patient has been waiting longer than ______ minutes past his or her appointment time, the medical assistant should offer to reschedule the appointment. 15
The information in the appointment book must be legible, because: It could be entered into court proceedings as evidence, It provides a clear indication as to which patient is coming at what time, It allows all those using the appointment book to read it clearly.
The appointment setting method whereby a patient logs on to the Internet and views a facility's schedule to set his or her own appointment is called: Self-scheduling
Which is the least satisfactory method of scheduling for the patient? Double booking
A matrix in the schedule: Prevents overcrowding
The medical assistant must remember that the physician will have other types of appointments that will need a special notation in the appointment book, such as: Surgeries
A person who fails to keep appointment without giving advance notice is called a : No-show
What is the best way to decide whether patients need special assistance is disrobing? Ask all patients if you can be of assistance.
The medical assistant should follow all the following practices regarding patient arrivals except: Having them wait in the examination room instead of the waiting room.
Which of the following should be removed from the reception area as quickly as possible? Angry patients
Which of the following should most often be added to a patient chart's on each visit? Progress notes form
Which of the following is true with regard to keys issued to staff members at the physician's office? Physicians and supervisors should limit access to keys to trusted employees who need key access.
Which of the following should be included in a section of the office policy manual? Employee evaluations, Confidentiality, Tardiness and absenteeism.
Which of the following items are parts of the physician's office budget? Medical equipment, Rent or mortgage and Taxes.
When moving through hallways, the medical assistant should walk: On the right side of the hallway.
Ideally, where should sick, contagious patients wait to see the physician? In an examination room designated as a sick examination room.
A list of the items included in a shipment is called a (n): Packing slip.
An ordered item that has not been delivered when promised or demanded but will be supplied at a later date is said to be: Back-ordered.
The responsibility for ordering supplies in the physician's office rests with: One designated person.
A difference among conflicting facts, claims, or opinions is called a(n): Discrepancy.
Which letter style would be most appropriate to use for writing a quick business letter? Modified block.
Which of the following dates is written correctly for inclusion in the heading of a letter? May 1, 2007
The principal function of a well-organized portfolio of business letters is to help the medical assistant: Save time.
Alternative stamping options are available on the Internet and can be purchased in which of the following ways? Online and printed on the office printer.
What is the most serious consequence of misspelling medical terms on patient's records and in correspondence? Negative impression of the physician.
Acting in anticipation of future problems is called: Being proactive.
A capital purchase is classified as: Whatever monetary level the facility chooses.
The fiscal year begins: Whenever designated by the business.
Which of the following is not a good way to reduce waste while saving money in the physician's office: Buying new file folders for all office needs.
The best style to use when composing business letters in the medical office is the one: Preferred by your physician-employer.
Which of the following is the correct way to write the first line of an inside address in a letter to John Kidwell, a pediatrician? John Kidwell, MD
What is the purpose of noting "c: Alice Adams, MD" at the bottom of a letter? To advise the receiver that a duplicate letter has been sent to Dr. Adams.
Which statement is true regarding the handling of charts for patients who have appointments on a given day? Pull all files before the first patient arrives and arrange them in the order in which the patients are scheduled.
Which patients should be personally escorted to the examination and treatment areas and given detailed instructions about what they are to do? New patients, Established patients, Consultations.
The use of phonetic writing in the medical office can help you: Better understand medical abbreviations.
The first prerequisite for scheduling an outpatient admission or procedure is: An oral or written order for the procedure from the physician.
The open office hours method of scheduling is also know as ________ scheduling. Tidal wave
Which types of outpatient procedures might be scheduled by the physician's office? MRIs, CT scans, Blood work.
When scheduling an inpatient admission, the medical assistant must make sure that the patient understands which of the following? Date and time to report for the admission, What pre-admission testing is necessary, Name, address, and phone number of the facility.
An incidental disclosure may be which of the following? Cannot be reasonably be prevented, Is limited in nature, Occurs as a result of another use or disclosure that is permitted.
Which statement is true regarding the handling of charts for patients who have appointments on a given day? Pull all files before the first patient arrives and arrange them in the order in which the patients are scheduled.
Created by: rochelle1977
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