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WH1 SOL 10

middle ages

Angle Germanice people that migrated from Denmark to England.
Charlemagne "Charles the Great"; king of the Franks
Fief An estate granted to a vassal by a lord (land)
Feudal System Political system with mutual agreements between classes
Germanic Relating to Germany and the culture
Hereditary Able to be passed down from one generation to another such as a property or a throne
Lord Person who rules the manor and grants land to vassals
Manor A lord's estate
Manorialism (Manor system) System in which peasants were made dependent on their land and their lord
Medieval Age Time period between ancient times and Renaissance
Monastery Religious community of men; where monks live
Medieval Age Time period between ancient time and Renaissance
Monastery Religious community of men; where monks live
Parish Local administrative part of the church
Priests One who has leadership over a church
Sacraments Important religious ceremonies (baptisms, communion, etc.)
Saxons Germanic people that migrated from Germany to England
Secular Wordly; no religious or spiritual basis
Self-sufficient Able to provide for oneself
Serfs Medieval peasants legally bound to live on a lord's estate
Vassal Person who receives a grant of land from the lord in exchange for loyalty
Vikings Seafarers from Scandinavia
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