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China Vocabulary

Terms neccessary for study of China. This. Is. CHINAAAAAAAA!

Outer China Western and Northern parts of China - does not have much to do with ancient China
Inner China Southeastern part of present-day China - closer to sea level. This is where most of our studies will be located
Tibet-Qinghai Plateau Rock & High elevation. Himalayas are the southern edge of the plateau.
Taklimakan Desert 105000 square miles - Name means "once you go in, you may never come out" Many sand dunes
Gobi Desert 500k square miles covers part of China and Mongolia. It is stony and has little vegetation.
Oasis A place where water can be found in the desert.
Northeastern Plain Located in present day Mongolia - low hills and plains - Prairie grass fed ancient horses, sheep, and cattle. Warm short summers and cold winters
North China Plain Called land of the yellow earth due to its limestone silt from the Gobi desert. Yellow River is located here.
Huange He River Also known as the yellow river - one of the world's longest rivers.
Chang Jiang Basin low, wet coastal plains located near Chang Jiang river. Warm and wet climate.
Chang Jiang River. Longer than the Yellow River, which is what Chang Jiang means. It has thousands of tributaries.
Tributary A stream that feeds into a larger river
Maize A type of corn
Mutton Meat made from sheep
Millet A type of grain
Shang Dynasty 1700 - 1122 BCE - A time of bronze weapons social structure - Kings had great wealth.
Zhou Dynasty 1034 - 256 BCE - Started in Northwest China and moved to the central plains
Confucianism Lead by example - Goal is an honest and just society; based on 3 basic relationships
Daoism Rule as little as possible - return to a simple and natural way of living. Live in harmony with the way of nature.
Legalism Set clear laws and harshly punish those who disobey. Based on the teachings of Hanfeizi.
Mandate of Heaven The divine right to rule China - believed to be granted by god
Feudalism A system of government based on landowners and tenants - King owned all the land. Lords were given land as loyal supporters.
Warring States 250 years of fighting for power late in the Zhou Dynasty
Confucius Also called Kongfuzi - Lived from 551 - 479 BCE
Civil Servant A person who works for the government
Yin and Yang two opposing forces of nature part of Daoism
Qin Shihuangdi First Emperor of China also called Emperor of Qin Emperor of the Zhou dynasty.
Great Wall of China Built by emperor of Qin the secure the northern border from invasion.
Exile Living away from one's native country
Immortal To be able to live forever
Han Dynasty Lasted 400 years - a time of wealth, peace, and success - Emperor Wudi is a key figure.
Silk Road A network of trade routes that stretched more than 4000 miles across Asia
Caravan A group of people traveling together
Mirage An image of something that isn't really there, such as water
Export To ship goods outside the country
Import To bring goods into the country
Monopoly The complete control by one group for the production, and sales of a product
Physical features An aspect of the land such as mountains, plateaus, and rivers
Bueaucracy A system of government in which most decisions are made by the government.
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