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Brodcast vocab P1

Enlightenment A European movement where thinkers and writers tried to solve the problems of society by using reason.
Prejudice Having An unfair or unreasonable opinion about something
Guillotine A machine used to execute people by chopping off their head.
Minutemen Armed Americans in the Revolutionary War who were ready to right at any time
The French Revolution A war where the common people of France fought to achieve freedom.
Code of Napoleon A code of laws that Napoleon created that forbade privileges based on birth and , allowed freedom of religion, and specified that government jobs should go to the most qualified.
Enforce To make sure people are following the rules or laws of a government or society.
Estate General A legislative and consultative assembly of the different classes of French subjects.
Boycott withdraw from commercial or social relations as a punishment or protest against someone or something
Convention A large meeting or conference of members of a political party or a particular profession.
Created by: studymacc123