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Chapter 8 Med Terms

Blood and Lymph Systems

CBC Stands for complete blood count
Which is a white blood cell that protects the body from invasion of harmful substances? leukocyte
Donation of healthy bone marrow to a diseased recipient is called bone marrow transplant
Pancytopenia an abnormally reduced number of all cellular components in the blood.
A test used to determine an infection in the bloodstream blood culture
Anemia condition as a result of the diminished capacity of RBCs to transport oxygen
Septicemia The systemic disease caused by infection of microorganisms and their toxins in the circulating blood
Hematocrit a test that measures the percentage of packed red blood cells
Poikilocytosis The term that refers to red blood cells that are large and irregularly shaped.
Cross-matching a procedeure that must be performed before transfusion of homologous blood
Lymph node dissection done to remove possible CANCER carrying lymph nodes for pathologic examination
splen/o spleen
splenomegaly enlargement of the spleen
immunocompromised a patient with impaired immunologic defenses caused by a disorder or immunosuppressive agents
antibody a substance produced by the body that destroys an antigen in the body
Lymphadenopathy indicates enlarge (diseased) lymph nodes.
chrom/o color
Thrombocytes are also known as platelets
Vasodilator class of drug that causes dilation of blood vessels
Neutrophil A polymorphonuclear leukocyte
immunotherapy the use of biological agents to prevent or treat disease by stimulating the body's own defense mechanisms
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Thymus the primary gland of the lymphatic system
Spleen The organ between the stomach and the diaphragm that filters out aging blood cells
Lymphaniogram An x-ray image (record)of a lymph vessel
Erythrocytes Red blood cells that transport oxygen and carbon dioxide withing the bloodstream
Serum The liquid portion of the blood left after clotting
Lymphatic System maintains the internal fluid environment by acting as and intermediary between the blood in the capillaries and tissue cells
Splenectomy Excision in the spleen
Blood indices performed to classify anemia
Thymectomy The removal of the thymus gland
Hemolysis Breakdown of the red blood cell membrane
Hemoglobin Protein-iron compound
Leukocytes white blood cells
(PTT) Partial thromboplastin and (PT) Protherombin time are tests related to coagulation
Hodgkin's disease is a type of lymphoma
Erythroblastosis fetalis results from the incompatibility of a fetus of Rh positve blood and a mother with Rh _________ blood. negative
HGB is the abbreviation for hemoglobin
Which of the following is used to determine an infection in the bloodstream? blood culture
Combining form that refers to germ or bud plas/o
Phag/o is a combining form meaning eat or swallow
The combining form meaning formation plas/o
Lymph/o combining form meaning clear fluid
autologous donation Blood stored by a patient for his or her own use in the future
myelo The combining form meaning bone marrow or spinal cord
Hem/o a combining form meaning blood
A condition caused by the Epstein-Barr virus mononucleosis
Microcytosis describes red blood cells that are small
Thromb/o is a combining form meaning clot
CD4 cell count is a measure of a subset of T lymphocytes
The class of drug that causes narrowing of blood vessels, decreasing blood flow vasoconstrictor
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