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Ancient India

World History Chapter 9 Ancient India

Answer Question
Aryans Which was a nomadic people that entered the Indus River valley around 1500 B.C.?
brick The large cities of the Indus Valley civilization featured homes made mostly of what material?
warriors and rulers In India’s caste system, the Kshatriyas class contained which people?
monsoons These strong seasonal winds that have a large influence on India’s climate.
caste This is a social group that one is born into and cannot change.
raja General term for the prince or leader of an Aryan tribe.
Himalaya The mountain range blocking Indian subcontinent from Asia
Sanskrit This was the first written language of India, developed in Aryan villages
Hinduism Which is one of the oldest religions in the world and is the world’s third largest religion today?
Brahman In Hinduism, the one universal spirit, or creator, is called this.
Siddhartha Gautama Who founded Buddhism during the 500s B.C.?
desires The Buddha believed that the only way to find truth was to give up this.
Theravada and Mahayana What are the two groups of Buddhists who spread Buddha’s ideas to Southeast called?
dharma the personal duty one must follow to earn a better existence in the next life
karma This is the force that decides the form that people will be reborn into in their next lives.
Jainism An Indian faith whose followers do not believe in a supreme being; they emphasize nonviolence and respect for all living things
reincarnation This is the rebirth of the soul
nirvana This is an emotional or spiritual state of perfect peace and happiness
subcontinent This is a large landmass that is smaller than a continent
Ashoka Which was a Mauryan ruler who built new roads and hospitals for people and animals?
Gupta Five hundred years after the Mauryan dynasty failed, which dynasty created an empire that reunited much of northern India?
Ramayana Which is an epic poem that is about a ruler who rescues his captured wife and that grew to about 25,000 verses?
the symbol zero Which was an Indian invention that had a great impact on the study of mathematics and science?
stupa These are Buddhist shrines shaped like a dome or burial mound.
Bhagavad Gita This is the best-known section of the ancient religious epic, the Mahabharata.
pilgrim They are people who used trade routes to travel to holy sites.
Ashoka The Mauryan Empire reached its height under his rule
Chandra Gupta Maurya He founded India’s first empire.
Vedas ancient sacred writings of India
guru Indian term for a teacher
Mahavira The religious leader who developed the current form of Jainism
Ganges River sacred to Hindus
Brahmins Most powerful of India's caste made up of priests.
Untouchables Lowest level of society in the caste system
Upanishads Ancient texts which describe the search for Brahman
Vishnu The deity known as the Preserver
Shiva The deity known as the Destroyer
Brahma The deity known as the creator
moksha Hindu strive for ___________, which is ultimate peace
The Four Noble Truths The Buddha taught his followers this and the Eightfold path would help them find spiritual truth.
Jainism Ahimsa is associated with which Indian faith?
Ashoka Which of ruler of ancient India grew to hate violence and became a Buddhist?
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