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Which philosoply rejected the ideas of pleasure, wealth, and social responsibility? Cynicism
Which philosophy sought out pleasure and developed close friendships with people that shared the same beliefs? Epicurean
Which philosophy placed emphasis on reason, self-discipline, emotional control and personal morality? Stoicism
What were some things that people that practiced the philosophy of CYNICISM would do? They would give away possessions, become vagrants (wanderers), and withdraw from society.
Which philosophy believed that life was all that we had and so we must seek pleasure (mental pleasure)? Epicurean
Followers of CYNICISM can be compared to what two modern day people? They were similar to Hippies. They were also similar to homeless people today.
Which philosophy believed actions were more important than words? Stoicism
What were 2 things the Epicurians did not do, because they believed it was a waste of our limited lives? They didn't do public service or politics.
How did Stoics feel about emotions? They thought they were dangerous and that people should use their heads instead.
What did Stoics say emotions could lead to? They thought emotions could lead to jealousy, hatred, and thus evil.
Created by: tpoindexter35