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Giattino - U5-4

Unit 5 - Section 4 - Nationalism

Nationalism defined as pride in one’s country Strong feelings for one’s country. People who share a common language, history heritage. Nationalism causes people to join together
Otto von Bismark Blood and Iron Bismarck believed that the only way to unify Germany was through “blood and iron” or war.In 7 years Prussia fought 3 wars
Franco Prussian War 1870 Used nationalism and hatred against France and Napoleon to invade France. By 1871 the Prussian win the war Prussia gains land from France. Germany is unified
Results of German Nationalism Germany quickly industrialized and became a world power Germany quickly developed a strong army and navy Germany further began to colonize in Africa and Asia By 1914 Germany felt it was strong enough to handle any European power.
Garibaldi Followers known as Red Shirts began attacking the Spanish in Sicily 1870 the French withdrew from Italy leaving it a newly unified country
Italian Unification By 1861, most of Italy was united. Victor Emanuel II became King of the newly unified Italy
Anti-Semitism Hatred of Jews
Diaspora In 73 CE the Jews had be exiled from their homeland in Palestine/Israel by the Romans Jews moved into EuropeThe Jews had no homeland or country to call their own
Zionism Herzl’s movement was called Zionism It was devoted to creating an independent nation state in Palestine.In 1947 the nation state of Israel was created
Created by: JImmyjet81