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Hellenistic Greece

What does it mean to be Hellenistic? It means to imitate the Greeks.
Hellenistic culture blended Greek culture with what 3 cultures? Persia, Egypt, and Central Asia
Hellenistic Era was a period of many important __________. accomplishments
After Alexander's death, the Hellenistic kings saved the most powerful positions for what two peoples? The Greeks and the Macedonians
Before the Hellenistic Era, what was the main political unit of Greece? The city-states
After Alexander conquered much of the known world, what was the main political unit? Kingdoms
To blend cultures, the best way is to encourage cultural exchange through __________________. marraige
Many kings and generals married with women from which 3 cultures? Persia, Mesopotamia, and Egypt
Even after blending the cultures, the leadership still stuck to what 3 aspects of Greek culture? Greek traditions, language and religion
Besides marraige, what are two other ways to gain cultural exchange? Trade and Education.
What was the most important achievement of the Egyptiain city of Alexandria? the Library
The library at Alexandria contained information of 5 major themes. What were they? (hint: PLHSM) philosophy, literature, history, science and medicine
What was the kingdom in Egypt? the Ptolemaic Kingdom (named after General Ptolemy)
The part of Greece that was not ruled by the Antigonids joined in several ___________. leagues
What was the largest league? the Achaean league.
James Madison, writer of the US Constitution, borrowed much of the Achaean leagues _______ system. law
The Kingdom in Macedonia and Greece was known as the _____________ kingdom. Antigonid Kingdom
The Kingdom that included the former Persian empire was known as ____________________ empire. Seleucid Empire
There was always a constant _______________ for _____________ between the 3 kingdoms. struggle for power
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