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Ch.5: WWII

Canada and The Second World War- Socials 11

Totalitarian State government uses intimidation, violence and propaganda to rule all aspects of the socials and political life of its citizens
Nazis nationalist party
Kristallnacht an attack on Jewish people and their land led by Nazis
Holocaust the Nazi imprisonment and murder of 6 million Jews
Policy of Appeasement giving into an aggressors demand hoping that no more demands would be made
Non-Aggression Pact a pact between two Nations not to attack each other (Nazi-Soviet non-agression pact)
Isolationism staying apart from other nations
anti-Sentinism discrimination toward Jewish people
British Commonwealth Air Training Plan a program to train British air pilots during the WWII
Allies countries fighting against Germany; Canada, Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand
Axis alliance between Germany, Italy and Japan
Evacuation of Dunkirk port town in France which was attacked by Allies
Luftwaffe German air force
Battle of Britain an air campaign launched by the British air force to stop Germany's bombings
the Blitz frequent bombing and attacks on London and other British cities
Operation Barbarossa Germany's unsuccessful invasion on the Soviet Union (Nazi-Soviet non-agression pact was ruined) --> Soviet joined the Allies
Battle of Hong Kong Japans attack on British Colony, Hong Kong, which led to huge loss of Canadian army
Black Christmas the day Hong Kong fell to the Japanese
Battle of the Atlantic the struggle of the Axis powers to control the Allies sea routes across the Atlantic Ocean
Bomber Command the direction of the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) that directed the bombings of Germany
Dieppe Raid Canadian troops attack on the French Port of Dieppe; Canada suffered heavy losses
Italian Campaign Allied battles to recapture Europe from the south through to Italy
D-Day Allied army attack on France; the biggest Allied invasion of the Second World War
Paratroopers parachuters to land onto combat areas
Juno Beach where Canadian troops landed on D-Day
Final Solution Germanys plan to kill all European Jews
Genocide killing people of a certain ethnic group
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