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WH Chap 14 test

Review of Chapter 14

Seventeenth- and eighteenth-centry kings increased thier royal power by doing increasing the size of government, decreasing the size of the church and increasing the size of their territory
The belief that kings rule by authority from God is called divine right
Louis XIII’s powerful chief minister was Richelieu
Which nation came out of the Thirty Years’ War the strongest? France
The revocation of the Edict of Nantes resulted in the end of the Protestant education in France
Frederick William of Prussia was called the Great Elector because he was the most powerful prince who cast a vote for the emperor
Which of the following was not a Russian ruler? Frederick the Great
In which country was absolutism defeated? England
What were the goals of Peter the Great? Westernization and modernization, Acquiring a warm-water port, and having a greater control of the Russian Orthodox Church
The English kings were limited in power by the Parliament’s control of Taxes
Oliver Cromwell took the title of Lord Protector
Which treaty gave French territory in Canada to Britain? Utrecht
European nations signed the Pragmatic Sanction to allow Maria Theresa to rule in peace
The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle signed at the end of the War of Austrian Succession did what merely ended the fighting of the war
Which war was also called the French and Indian War? Seven Years’ War
Bourdon Family Ruled? France
Hohenzollern Family Ruled? Prussia
Hapsburg Family Ruled? Austria
Romanov Family Ruled? Russia
Stuart Family Ruled? England
“I am the State” Louis XIV
Swedish King Gustavus Adlphus
first “King in Prussia” Frederick I
Tripled the size of Prussia Frederick II
ruled with Maria Theresa Joseph II
“The Terrible” Ivan IV
westernized Russia Peter I
first Scottish king of England James I
lost a civil war Charles I
Lost his thrown in 1688 James II
Accepted the act of Settlement William and Mary
First Hanoverian King George I
What is political power that is unlimited or unrestrained called absolute power
What is the justification for absolute royal power on religious grounds called divine right
Who was the advisor to Louis XIV? Mazarin
Name the series of unsuccessful attempts to destroy French absolutism the Frondes
What is the Russian word for Caesar? czar
James I, Charles I, and Cromwell all resorted to the same tactic when faced with parliamentary opposition. What was this tactic? dismissal of Parliament
William and Mary were granted the throne of England after the writing of a political document limiting royal power. What is this document called? Bill of Rights
In 3 or more sentences explain how the European rulers of the seventeenth and eighteenth Centuries justified their absolute authority. This is your Essay Question so research it.
Created by: CoachSimpson