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WWI/Russian Rev.

Unit 13: WWI and the Russian Revolution

Isolationists government policy of staying out of world affairs. Practiced by United State until the use of German unrestricted submarine warfare brought them into the war
Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin's political party whom followed the beliefs of Karl Marx and supported Communism
Gavrillo Princip member of Serbian nationalist group, the Black Hand, responsible for assassinating the Archduke of Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand Archduke of Austria-Hungarian Empire; his death sparked WWI
Vladimir Lenin Leader of Bolsheviks; led during Russian Revolution
The Fourteen Points Woodrow Wilson's ideas for a lasting peace presented at the Paris Peace Conference
Woodrow Wilson President of United States at end of war; called for a League of Nations in his 14 points
trench warfare method of fighting in which soldiers dig in to the ground for defense; associated with trench foot
war of attirtion a war based on running out of supplies and soldiers in order to 'win'
Tanks, machine guns, chemical warfare, submarines, and airplanes new technology caused WWI to be the deadliest war to date
Zimmerman Telegram telegram from Germany urging for an alliance with Mexico
armistice a seize or stop to the fighting of a war
powder keg the Balkans leading up to WWI; their fragile condition led WWI starting
The Balkans known as the powder keg of Europe; one spark and WWI would begin
stalemate a tie
Western Front trench warfare that kept both sides in virtually the same positions for four years
total war complete mobilization of resources and people at home and abroad
Schlieffen Plan German plan to attack France through Belgium
militarism military build up as seen in German and British naval build up
propaganda pro-war advertisements used to spread a point of view to support or go against a view point
Karl Marx wrote about Communism, influenced Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks
Dardanelles attack by British to gain control of the Black Sea and get supplies to Russia
imperialism colonizing other countries for natural resources
nationalism an ethnic groups desire to have a separate country ruled by its own people
Treaty of Versaille forced Germany to pay reparations and take the blame for WWI
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