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C22S1-3 Nationalism

Kulturkampf “Battle for civilization” waged by Bismarck against the Catholic Church (Pope Pius IX)
Camillo Cavour a skilled politician and Prime Minister of Italy in 1852; key figure in the unification of Italian peninsula but died before complete
Kaiser German for “Emperor”
Reich German for “Empire”
Chancellor Highest official of a monarch
Otto von Bismarck In Junker class and served as Prussian diplomat, Prime Minister and then Chancellor for Kaiser William I; asked to resign in 1890
Giuseppe Garibaldi Italian nationalist and ally of Mazzini; organized the Red Shirts
William II Kaiser of Prussia in 1888 and believed in the Divine Right and asked Bismarck to resign because, “There is only one master in the Reich, and that is I [the Kaiser].”
Social welfare Programs to help certain groups of people in economic distress
Realpolitik reasonable/rational politics based on the needs of the state
annex To add on or take control of
Giuseppe Mazzini 1830s, Nationalist leader who founded Young Italy whose goal was, “to constitute Italy, one, free, independent, republican nation.”
Zollverein 1830s, Prussian created economic union which ended tariffs (import taxes) between the German states
constitutional monarchy Government lead by a monarch (King/Queen) with power defined and limited by laws
Scientific research & development (R&D) Industrialist use of this brought about synthetic chemicals & dyes AND solutions to other factory problems
William I King of Prussia; appointed Bismarck as prime minister then to chancellor to grow his power; became Kaiser of the German Empire
Victor Emmanuel II King of Sardinia with Cavour as his prime minister; became King of unified Italy
Reichstag Lower house of the German Reich’s two-house legislature made up of individuals voted in by universal MALE suffrage
emigration Movement away from one’s homeland
anarchists People who want to abolish all government
Red Shirts The approximately 1,000 volunteer nationalist soldiers lead by Giuseppe Garibaldi
Bundesrat (BOON dus raht) Upper house of the German Reich’s two-house legislature made up of individuals appointed by the rulers of the German states; had veto power over the lower house
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