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Middle Ages

Middle Ages/Meidieval Times

What is another name for a supreme ruler of a kingdom? Monarch
What type of governent was ruled by a single ruler? Monarchy
Who were trained warriors who vowed loyalty and protection to their monarchs; followed the code of behavior called chivalry? Knights
Which group of people made up 90% of Europe's population and maintained the lands of the lords and ladies in their manor? Serfs
Under the feudal system, most of the kingdom's land was controlled by whom? Wealthy nobles
Men who devoted to their lives to their religion during the Middle Ages were called (BLANK). Monks
Who was led the Roman Catholic Church in Europe? Pope
What city and country was the Roman Catholic Church begun? Rome, Italy
King John of England signed a binding contract called the (BLANK) that limited the power of monarchs; causing laws to be fair to all citizens with rights. Magna Carta
Who signed the Magna Carta? King John of England
What kind of person would live in a manor during the Middle Ages? Lords and Vassals
What event caused the end of feudalism for the European population during the Middle Ages? Bubonic Plague
A woman of noble birth in the upper class of feudalism is known as a (BLANK). Lady
What is another name for "The Great Charter?" Magna Carta
How many original articles were contained in the Magna Carta when King John signed it in 1215? 63
Which two religions feuded during the Crusades? Christianity and Islam
Who was the founder of Islam? Muhammad
What does architecture deal with? buildings
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