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Foy WH Ch. 11 Test

What was a result of people in the east and west interpreting Christianity differently? The east broke away from the west and formed the Orthodox church.
Why didn’t the Romans agree with the Jewish people? The Romans worshiped many gods, whereas the Jews worshiped one God.
What type of law did Roman law inspire? civil
What were the Romans’ view of religion? They prayed to a wide range of gods because they weren’t sure which gods existed or not.
Which statements were part of prophecy concerning the Messiah? The Messiah would be a descendant of King David. The Messiah would be chosen by God to lead the Jews. The Messiah would be born of a virgin.
Which are achievements of Roman engineering? cement, arches, layered roads
What did some Roman emperors do to prevent religious unrest in the empire? They banned Christianity, leading to periods of persecution.
What did Emperor Hadrian do to punish the Jews for rebelling against the Romans? Hadrian destroyed Jerusalem and forced the Jews out of it.
Who became the first Christian emperor in the 300’s and removed a ban on the religion? Constantine
What men avenged Caesar’s death by attacking and killing his killers? Marc Antony and Octavian
How did the Romans carry water from the mountains to the cities? aqueducts
What led to civil war between Octavian and Marc Antony? Antony married Cleopatra after divorcing Octavian’s sister.
What group from Central Asia invaded the western Roman Empire? Huns
What did Romans use to pay for their goods? silver and gold coins
What were reasons for Rome’s expansion? control hostile neighbors, some emperors liked fighting, more resources
What was the result of people resenting the way Caesar gained power? A group of senators killed Caesar because they feared him becoming king.
What did emperor Diocletian do to make the Roman empire more manageable? He divided the empire in two to make it more manageable.
What is the main reason the Romans would ban (not allow) a religion? If it was considered to be a political problem.
Who was chosen to share Jesus’s message after his death and resurrection? The 12 apostles, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Saint Paul
What was a result of the Goth’s attacking Rome? This would encourage other groups to attack the Roman empire.
According to the Bible, what happened at the end of Jesus’s life? He was arrested, crucified, and resurrected.
This half of the Roman empire was called the Byzantine empire: eastern
Why is there a Roman time period called the Pax Romana? The Roman Empire was peaceful and prosperous.
Which emperor examined Rome’s laws and organized them into a new legal system that was more fair? Justinian
What was the result of Caesar becoming so popular after conquering Gaul? Pompey became jealous, which sparked a war that ended in Pompey’s death.
What emperor conquered most of the island of Britain, Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, and North Africa? Claudius
What was the result of the Roman Republic declining (getting worse)? Many people were unhappy and unemployed. People rioted in the streets. People from around the republic came into the city.
What emperor reunited the two halves of the Roman empire and moved the capital east, into what is now Turkey? Constantine
What was considered the end of the eastern Roman empire? The Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople.
Spanish, French, Romanian, and Italian are all examples of what type of language? Romance
From what civilization did the Romans copy their religion, architecture, and statues? Greek
Who did Pompey and Crassus form a partnership with to rule Rome for ten years? Julius Caesar
What event marked the beginning of the Roman Empire? Octavian became the sole ruler of Rome and changed his name to Augustus.
What was a threat to the Roman Empire’s survival? outside invasions, high taxes, corruption and decay of people’s values
What kind of change in government did Cicero call for? limit the power of generals, restore checks and balances
What are some teachings of Jesus? Love your fellow man like you love yourself. Love your enemies. Love God first.
What language did Roman writers use in their works? Latin
What event is considered the end of the western Roman empire? A barbarian general overthrew the emperor in Rome and set himself up as king.
What happened to the eastern Roman empire after Justinian’s death? The eastern Roman empire began to decline. Later emperors lost all the land Justinian had gained.
What group destroyed Rome after Rome quit paying them not to attack in 410 AD? Goths
Created by: lfoy8290