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Chapter 5 - Greece

Study cards for chapter 5 over ancient Greece

Define myth. a story about gods and goddesses
Who is the chief god of the Greeks? Zeus
To win their gods' favor, Greeks performed many ______. rituals
What is the highest mountain in Greece? Mount Olympus
Who lives on Mount Olympus? gods and goddesses
Define epic. A long poem about heroic deeds.
Homer wrote the two most famous Greek epics. What were their names? Illiad and Odessey
What was the Illiad about? Trojan War
What was the Odessey about? the hero Odysseus
What is the difference between an epic and a myth? Epic is a poem about heroes and myths are stories about gods and goddesses.
What are two types of drama? Comedy and Tragedy
What were the three types of columns inspired by the Greeks? Doric, Ionic and Corinthian
What temple was built to honor the goddess Athena? Parthenon
Define philosopher. a Greek thinker who believed that the human mind could understand everything
Who was Pythagoras and what was he known for? a philosopher who believed that the universe followed the same rules as music and numbers and that all relationships could be expressed in numbers
Who was Plato and what was he known for? a Greek philosopher who thought government should be headed by philosopher kings
What is the book The Republic and who wrote it? Plato's ideas on government
Who was Aristotle and what was he known for? A Greek philosopher who taught the golden mean, started the school Lyceum and wrote the book Politics. He was Plato's best student.
What is golden mean? a belief that a person should do nothing in excess
Who was Socrates and what was he known for? A Greek philosopher known for the Socratic teaching method. He was sentenced to death for his teaching.
Who is considered the greatest historian of the ancient world? Thucydides
Who was known as the father of history? Herodutus
What book did Herodotus write? The History of the Persian Wars
What country is north of Greece? Macedonia
______________ loved Greek culture and wanted to conquer Persia. Philip II
At what battle did Philip defeat the Greeks? Charonea
At what age did Alexander become commander in the army? 16
At what age did Alexander become king of Macedonia? 20
Who freed the Greek cities in Asia Minor from Persian rule? Alexander the Great
What was the name of the city that Alexander the Great built and named after himself? Alexandria
This building was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Lighthouse of Alexandria
What is the Hellenistic Era? A time when Greek culture spread throughout the non-Greek world. There was achievement in science, art, architecture, literature and philosophy.
Which city had a library of more than 500,000 scrolls that attracted scholars from all over the world? Alexandria
Who was Euclid and what was he known for? A mathematician who studied how points, lines, angles and plans relate to each other.
What was Euclid's famous quote to the king? "There is no royal way to learn geometry."
Who was Archimedes and what was he known for? The most famous Greek scientist who is known for pi and simple machines (lever, pulley and catapult).
What was Archimedes' most famous quote? "Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth!"
What did Aristarchus teach about the sun? It was the center of the universe and the earth circled it.
Created by: bakerbulldogs