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Byzantine Empire

celibacy refraining from marriage; do not marry
codify to organize by code or in order of topic
Cyril Greek scholar and missionary-developed the Cyrillic alphabet
Cyrillic Alphabet Alphabet created by missionaries Cyril and Methodius for the Slavic people that is still used in Russia today
Eastern (Greek) Orthodox Originally part of the Roman Catholic church; it is one of the oldest branches of Christianity and is headed by a patriarch
Excommunication act whereby an individual is cut off by the church leader from the church
fortified to make strong
Greek Language Indo-European language of the Greeks
Hagia Sophia best example of Byzantine architecture; church for Eastern Orthodox church
Icon religious image or picture
Justinian the greatest Byzantine Emperor
Justinian code code of Roman laws compiled by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian
Latin language Ancient Italic language of Latins and Romans
Mosaic picture or design created by laying small stones in mortar
Patriarch senior or chief bishop in the Eastern Orthodox Church
Pope Bishop of Rome; head of the Roman Catholic Church
Roman Catholicism the oldest branch of Christianity, it is headed by the patriarch of Rome known as the pope
Schism split or division particularly within the Christian church
steppe large area of flat grassland without trees
vernacular language spoken locally
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