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Ch. 15-16 Test

The people who conquered Britain were called? Anglo-Saxons
Who was the first great king of England? Alfred the Great
Who was the most hated king of England? John
This used the principle of "no man is above the law" The Magna Carta
This was a type of representative government Parliament
Who won the 100 years war? French
Who was the first Tudor Monarch? Henry VII
Who was the good queen? Queen Elizabeth
Who did queen Elizabeth defeat? Phillip of Spain and his armada
Who was the first Stuart monarch? James I
The were the people who wanted to purify the English church The Puritans
Great military leader who made himself “Lord Protector” Oliver Cromwell
Military dictatorship that proclaimed itself a republic. Commonwealth
In 1662 the monarchy was fully restored by who? Charles II
In 1462 who sailed the ocean blue? Columbus
What was the effect of the crusades? Revived European interest in trade with the east
What was the goal of most explorers? To find a new trade route to India and China
What explorer went to China? Marco Polo
What explorer sailed around the world? Magellan
Who is America named after? Amerigo Vespucci
What country controlled more surface of the earth than any one else? Spain
Who claimed Louisiana for France? Robert Cavalier de la Salle
The first explorer to reach the North American main land? John Cabot
The largest continent is? Asia
What two countries located in the east that everyone was trying to get to? India and China
The world’s oldest living civilization? China
What were the Chinese ruled by? Dynasties
The first Chinese dynasty was what? Ch'in dynasty
This road linked China to the Roman world. The Great Silk Road
The world’s longest fortification The Great Wall of China
What was the largest empire in history? Mongolian empire
Who was the ruler of the Mongolian empire? Genghis Khan
The island of Indonesia became important international crossroads for trade after who visited them? Marco Polo
Created by: Emily Mayfield