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World History

Eli Whitney Maker of the Cotton gin
Charles Townshend Discovered the crop rotation
Thomas Edison Invented the light bulb, phonograph, motion picture projector
Bessemer Steel Process Air is jetted into iron ore to clear out impurities, added carbon to iron
Robert Fulton Created a steam ship for commercial use
British Social Reforms Gov. takes responsibility for everyone's well-being Factory Act, Poor Law, Mines Act, Ten Hour Bill
William Wilberforce Ended slavery
Factory Act Limited Child labor, better work life and conditions
Mines Act No male or female under 10 allowed to work in mines
Poor Law Gov. relief for the old and sick and money for them
Ten Hour Bill limited women and children's hours to 10 per day
Chartism Male suffrage, secret ballot, equal electoral district, paid parliament members
Parliament Bill Made House of Commons supreme governing body, lowered property and welfare requirements
Adam Smith wrote Wealth of Nations, attacked mercantilism, suggested free trade.
Marxist Socialism Ideas based on economic principles, conflict is natural and pushes us to a perfect society, Communist Manifesto book - called workers to join capitalism, revolution is necessary
Main Power Sources Steam engine, electric dynamo- converted mechanical energy into electric energy' oil
D.L. Moody Led evangelistic meeting , believed society would change if people experience true conversion
George Williams Established YMCA, ministered to young workers toward Christ
Darwinian Evolution Man centered theory of biological evolution Origin of the Species-organism go from simple to complex Descent of Man-applied theory to man
Sectors of Industry ( in order ) 1. Agriculture 2. Textile 3. Factory System 4. Industrialism 5. Socialism 6. Scientific Progress
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