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Med Term

Medical terminology

-plasm development
-paresis weakness
-lysis destruction
-cele hernia; protusion
-iasis abnormal condition
vascul blood vessel
-penia few
-plegia paralysis
-ion process
-ism state of
-centesis puncture to withdraw fluid
pro- before
per- through
ophthalm eye
an- without
ad- towards
-rrhaphy suture
-metry process of measuring
-lapse slide or sag
inter- among
-megaly enlargement
-osis abnormal condition
ante- before or infront of
proct anus; rectum
myel spinal cord
-stasis stopping
-phasia speech
a-, ab- without ; away from
epi- over or upon
-cise cut
-scopy visual exam
-pexy surgical fixation
lymphangi lymph vessel
lapar abdomen
lymphaden lymph node
neur nerve
spondyl vertebra/spine
thyr thyroid
contra- against
hypo- below
-plasty surgical repair
-gram record or picture
-graph instrument for recording
-graphy process of recording
-meter instrument of measuring
-algia pain
-cyte cell
-cide kill
-dynia pain
-emia condition of the blood
-genesis the beginning, development or production of something
-ia condition or state
-itis inflammation
-ist one who specializes in
-ize use or take away
-logy the study of
-logist one who studies
-lith stone
-endo inner or within
-ole small
-oma tumor or mass
-phobia fear
-pnea breathing
-partum birth or labor
-pathy disease
-rrhea flow or discharge
-rrhage excessive
-sis condition
-sclerosis hardening
-stenosis narrowing
-therapy treatment
-trophy nourishment
-uria condition of the urine
trich hair
onych nail
seb sebaceous gland
sud sweat gland
or mouth/oral
sialaden salivary gland
ot ear
alveoli lung (air sac in the lung)
arthr joint
card/i- heart
chem- chemical; drug
cephal- head
colp- vagina
chondr- cartilage
cerebell cerebellum
cholecyst gallbladder
dermat- skin
erythr red
enter- intestines
encephal- brain (inside)
epitheli skin
gastr/o- stomach
hepat liver
laryng larynx; voice box
mamm breast
myos muscle
mast breast
muscul muscle
-ostomy surgical opening
nas nose
nephr kidney
ocul eye
oste bone
orchid testicles
pancreat pancreas
path disease
pelv hip bone; pelvix
psych mind
prostat prostate gland
phleb vein
pneum, pulmon, pneumon lung
pharyng pharynx; throat
abdomin abdomen
bronch- bronchial tube
colon colon
radi- x-ray
rect- rectum
rhin- nose
septic infection
splen spleen
thorac thoracic cavity; chest
thromb clot
ureter ureter
ur urine
urethr urethra
ven vein
anti- against
bi- 2
brady- slow
cyan- blue
dys- pain
di- 2
hemi- half
hyper- above or over
intra- within or inside
leuk- white
micro- small
multi- many
mal- ill or bad
macro- large
mid- middle
neo- new
nulli- none
pseudo- false
pre- before
peri- around
poly- many
quad- 4
re- again
retro- behind
syn- together
super- above
sub- below
semi- partial
tri- 3
tachy- rapid; fast
uni- 1
ultra- excess
bradycardia slow heartbeat
erythrocyte red blood cell
leukocyte white blood cell
-ary pertaining to
-ectomy surgical removal
-otomy cutting into
-iac pertaining to
tachycardia rapid heartbeat
supra- above
-ous pertaining to
post- after
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