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Ch. 12 History Notes

Sui dynasty reunited China in A.D. 581 (founded by Wendi).
Tang dynasty in power from A.D. 618 to A.D. 907.
Song dynasty ruled from A.D. 960 to A.D. 1279.
Yangdi built the Grand Canal to unite the Huang He and Chang Jiang rivers.
Confucius believed good government led by wise rulers would create a peaceful society.
Silk Road major trade route across China.
Students preparing for civil service exams never did physical work.
Diamond Sutra the earliest known printed book.
Li Bo a popular poet during the Tang dynasty.
Changan the capital city under the Tang dynasty.
The earliest printing process used cuts on blocks of wood.
The compass helped ships sail farther from land.
During the Tang dynasty, they discovered iron could be melted to make steel.
Trade grew under the Tang dynasty because of new roads and waterways.
Genghis Khan united the Mongols and conquered a vast territory.
Marco Polo a famous European traveler visited China.
Koryo the leaders of Korea.
The Mongols lost control of China during the 1300's.
Zhu Yuanzhang founded the Ming dynasty.
Jesuits a special group of Roman Catholic priests.
Zheng He a voyager during the Ming dynasty.
Ming dynasty fell in 1644 to the Manchus.
The Forbidden City was home to the emperors.
Missionaries in China were often Jesuits.
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