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SS7 Great Depression and Totalitarian Governments Vocabulary

Franklin Roosevelt President who established the New Deal to get the U.S. out of the Great Depression
Great Depression Era in history caused by the crash of the stock market in which unemployment was rampant.
Black Tuesday October 29, 1928; the day the stock market crashed
Stock Market Invest in businesses; if business does well you can make money at the risk of losing it all...
New Deal Series of economic programs to get the U.S. out of the Great Depression. Including the development of welfare programs, bank insurance, and various work programs.
Protectionists Policy method of regulating foreign trade with tariffs and taxes
Unemployment Not having a job...a major problem faced by many during the Great Depression!
Gold Standards Amount of gold which gives value to currency.
Herbert Hoover President at the beginning of the Great Depression; struggled with debt from WWI, high unemployment, and other economic issues.
Protective Tarrif A tax on imported goods. Used to encourage people to buy American goods rather than foreign goods.
Credit Buying goods with loans that will eventually be paid back.
Reparations Paying money back for damages done. A major problem for Germany following WWI.
fascism form of government in which people have no freedoms, a dictator controls all, and the state/nation come first
dictator lead of a totalitarian government
Mussolini fascists leader of Italy; used Black Shirts against opponents
Hitler fascists leader of Nazi Germany; took advantage of Germany's poor economy to rise to power, hates Jews
Stalin dictator of Soviet Union; purged enemies and used collectivization to combine farms
collectivization combining village farms into farms controlled by the government; caused a famine for Russian peasants
communism political ideology of the Soviet Union; government owns means of production
censorship controlling speech and what the media can report on
Italy lost land after WWI causing people to support Mussolini
Japan totalitarian government run by military; blamed European/U.S. cultural influences for poor economy
censorship many fascists governments control what the media/press can say
secret police used by fascists regimes to intimidate citizens and make them fearful of the government
Soviet Union Communists Russia
Mein Kempf book of Hitler's ideas; promotes master race (Aryans) and hatred for Jews
Great Purge Stalin's attempt to get rid of political enemies by killing them.
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