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Medieval China

What is the vast desert in northwest China that helped isolate the country from West Asia? Takimaken Desert
What is the body of water that is bounded by Japan, China, and Taiwan? East China Sea
What body of water is surrounded by Asian Mainland and Taiwan, the Philippines, and Borneo? South China Sea
What is the tallest peak in the Himalayas? Mount Everest
What is the mountain range in western China that seperates China from Tajikistan, Kyragyzstan, and Kazakhstan? Tian Mountains
What is the lowland region west of the Gobi desert that, at 505 feet below sea level, is China's lowest point? Turfan Depression
What is the river that rises on the Tibetan Plateau and flows southeast to the South China Sea? Mekong River
What is the plain upon which China's capital, Bejing, is located? North China Plain
What is the river that begins in the plateau of Tibet and runs across farmlands of northeast China? Yellow River
What is the plateau in the southwestern part of China that is almost 1/4 of the whole country? Plateau of Tibet
What is the mountain range south of the plateau of TIbet that extends 1,500 miles through six countries? Himalayas Mountains
What body of water is located between Korea and China? Yellow Sea
What is the river that flows from the plateau of Tibet across central and Southern Asia to the East China Sea? Yangzi River
What is the desert that extends 1,000 miles through southeast Mongolia and north China. Gobi Deset
What is the plateau in southern China where much of China's rice is drowned? Yunnan Plateau
What is the basin in central China that is south of the Qin Ling Mountains? Sichuan Basin
Who said, "Like a spider caught in its own web is a person driven by fierce cravings. Break out of the web, no turn away from the world of sensory pleasure and sorrow." Buddha
Who said, " If a ruler is upright all will go well without orders. But if a ruler himself is not upright, even though he gives orders they will not be obeyed." Confucius
Who said, "Highest good is like water. Because water excels in benefiting the myriad creatures without contending with them and settles where none would like to be, it comes close to the way." Laozi
Who said, "The mind is flighty and hard to grasp; the mid pursues all its desires. To tame the mind is great goodness, Subdue the mid and know tranquility." Buddha
Who said, "The more laws and edicts are imposed, the more thieves and bandits there will be." Laozi
Who said, "Be respectful at home, serious at work, faithful in human relations. Even if you go to uncivilized areas, these virtues re not to be abandoned." Confucius
Who said, "Seeing the our body, with hair and skin, is derived from our parents, we should not allow it to be injured in any way. This is the beginning of filial respect. We develope kindness and practice the way so as to perpetuate our name for future ge Confucius
Who said, "LIfe is a journey, death is a return to Earth, the universe is like an inn, and the passing years are like dust." Laozi
Who said,"The sage [wise person], because he does nothing, never ruins anything; nod, because he does not lay hold of anything, loses nothing." Buddha
Cultures blended to form new cultures in southern and northern China during the ___. Period of Disunion
The lasting achievement of the Sui dynasty were Ending of the Period of Disunion and The Grand Canal.
Why is the Tang Dynasty known as the, "Golden Age?" It was a time of great advancement and expansion in technology.
The two dynasty pies that reunified China were the Song and Sui dynasties
Why did people turn to Buddhism during the Period of Disunion? People enjoyed the idea of escaping suffering.
What agricultural advancements took place under the Song Dynasty? Dragon Bck Pump, A fast growing rice, under ground wells, and more cultivated land.
Name the Tang Dynasty capital: Chang'an
Why was the Grand Canal built? To make traveling easier.
Chinese experts included: Tea, rice, spices, Jade and silk.
Why did the Chinese keep porcelain and silk making process a secret? To control the value.
Define woodblock printing. A type of printing using woodblocks carved with Chinese symbols.
Define magnetic compass. An instrument that uses the Erth's magnetic field to show directions.
Give the main point(s) for Confucianism. Ren- Concern for others Li- Appropriate Behvior. Confucianism stresses ethical/proper behavior.
Give the main point(s) for Daoism. To achieve oneness with nature.
Give the main point(s) for Buddhism. Stresses spiritual behavior. Promises escape from suffering.
"Never lie" and "obey the elderly" are aspects of this Chinese philosophy: Confucianism
How did Neo-Confucianism and Confucianism differ? Confucianism focused on proper behavior while Neo-Confucianism focused on proper and spiritual behavior.
Define civil service. Service as a government official.
How did most scholar-officials become civil servants in the Song Dynasty? Scholar-officials needed to pass very difficult tests.
What was the effect of bureaucracy of scholar-officials during the Song Dynasty? A stable government.
What was the largest empire of the world? The Mongolian Empire
Who was leading the Mongolian empire at its height? Kublai Khan
Accomplishments during the Yuan dynasty included: Safer trade routes, new roads, new palaces, and a new capital (Dadu).
Mongols prevented ____ from having power in the government. Confucian Scholars
Europe learned that China was a highly civilized country from: Books written by Marco Polo
Why did the Yuan dynasty fall? The cost for public projects and a failed campaign against Japan weakened the economy; the Chinese resented being ruled by foreigners; the CHinese didn't like the heavy taxes.
DIscuss what China was like under the Ming dynasty: China became more stable and famous overseas.
Who was Zheng He? A Chinese sailor that led seven grand voyages to places around the world.
What is isolation? A policy of avoiding contact with other countries.
What is the Forbiden City? A palace that had many different temples, imperial residences, and government buildings. Common people were not allowed inside.
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