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Greek Government SSC

Greek Gov and Athens V.s Sparta

What is it called when government matters are decided by all citizens Direct Democracy
Who ran Greek city-states Citizens
Who was considered to be a citizen free native-born men who owned land
What did Sparta use to control its citizens the Military
One ruler who inherited power and passed leadership to his son Monarchy
What caused tyrants to sometimes lose power began to rule too harshly and were over thrown
Who made the laws in a monarchy the king
How are a king and a tyrant different king inherits power, a tyrant seizes power
What happened after Sparta conquered neighboring land demanded that they give Sparta most of their food and crops
Who gave women more freedom Athens or Sparta Sparta
In what city did boys and girls spend most of their time getting athletic or sports training Sparta
Which city focused on art and philosophy Athens
Which city needed trade to survive Athens
Which city discouraged trade Sparta
Ruling power in the hands of a few that is made up of mostly aristocrats. Where rich got richer and poor got poorer Oligarchy
The Parthenon was a temple to the god Athena, why do you think it was built on a hill it showed that they honored their gods
Where did the Ancient Greeks go to discuss political issues the agora
In Ancient Greece what is a fort built on a hilltop called the acropolis
What city focused on educating boys in reading, writing, grammar, music, and gymnastics Athens
What city focused on training boys for military service Sparta
What happens to aristocrats after they over through a Monarch They became the ruling class
One ruler who was possably a military leader that took power by force Tyranny/Tyrant
Which city focused on art, literature, drama, philosophy, and Democracy Athens
Which city discouraged free expression, focused on military training, and had a Oligarchy Sparta
Created by: Mrs.Jeffries