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World War One

Why were some colonized peoples unhappy with the terms of the peace conference Imperialism still existed
to prepare military forces for war Mobilize
To have pride in your country Nationalism
Creator of the 14 points Woodrow Wilson
Members of the Allies- 1914 Great Britian, France, Russia
Members of the Central Powers-1914 Germany, Italy, Ottoman Empire, Austria- Hungary
a leading cause of international tension in the early 1900’s nationalism, militarism, imperialism and alliances
German leader that supported Austria Hungary against Serbia Kaizer Wilhelm II
German War Plan- also be sure to be able to describe what the Plan was supposed to do. Schlieffen Plan
Austrian leader that was assassinated in Bosnia Franz Ferdinand
member of the Black Hand Gavrilo Princip
area between the trenches no man's land
created a prize to help bring peace Alfred Noble
The most important of Wilson's goals to create League of Nations
Letter from Germany to Mexico to help against the US Zimmerman Note
Woodrow Wilson’s plan to resolve WWI and future wars 14 points
World War I at the end of 1916 stalemate
After World War 1, this regains independence using land taken from Germany Poland
Women's role in the War Nurses and Factory workers
A final set of demands Ultimatum
New weapons in World War 1- tell be able to tell what the were or what they did Planes, Tanks, Poison gas, machine guns
Payments for war damage reparations
The Allies used their colonies for what Troops, supplies, and workers
NOT a reason that pushed Europe to the brink of World War I in 1914 Getting aid from the US
battle was the turning point in the War. After this battle the Allies would be able to defeat the Germans 2nd Battle of Marne
Promise that Vladimir Lenin made to Russians get Russia out of the war
A policy of supporting neither side in a war Neutrality
Where did Ferdinand get assassinated Sarajevo
Glorification of the Military Militarism
One result of militarism arms race
How did Germany respond when Russia began to mobilize for war? declare war on Russia
What resulted from the Russian Revolution The new Russian leader pulled the Russian troops out of World War I
Battle on the Eastern Front where the Germans handily defeated the Russians in East Prussia Tannenberg
How did Governments pay for the War raised taxes and borrowed money
Agreement to end the fighting armistice
Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia because of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
The Ottoman Empire helped the Central Powers by blocking what? The Dardnelles
Supported Pan- Slavism Russia
Reasons why the US entered the war unrestricted submarine warfare, cultural and sympathetic ties to Allies, Zimmerman Note
Treaty that ended World War 1 Treaty of Versailles
Main Points of Versailles Germany took all the blame, Germany was forced to make reparations, Took away German military, took away German Colonies, Removed hundred of miles from Germany
Weaknesses of Versailles Ignored Russian sacrifices, Didn't honor agreement with Italy for more land, Didn't grant Japan land in Asia specifically China, Germany hated it,Colonized people in Middle East and Africa didn't get self-determination
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