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5 Major Religions of the World

When Christianity started, the only type of Christian was what group? Catholic
What is the other major branch of Christianity today? Protestant
What are the three parts of the trinity? Father - Son - Holy Spirit
What one word best describes Jesus and Christians? Love
What are the first 4 books of the New Testament called? Gospels
What is the title of the leader of the Catholic Church? Pope
What act is done with an infant when becoming a member of the Christian faith (although some think this act is also to remove original sin)? Baptism
Which method was used to kill Jesus? Crucifixion
In what city was Jesus born? Bethlehem
What are the first 5 books of the Torah? Genesis, exodus, Leviticus, numbers Deuteronomy
Which group of people began the Jewish religion? Hebrews
Explain what a Bar Mitzvah is in the Jewish culture: At the age of 13 a boy accepts rules of the Judaism and becomes a man
What is the name of the holy Jewish book? Torah
What word is used to describe the type of food that an Orthodox Jew must always eat? Kosher
Who led the Jews out of Egypt? Moses
A religious teacher of Judaism is called a/an: Rabbi
What animal is never eaten by Jewish people because it is split-hooved and considered to be unclean? Pig
What nation is considered the Holy City for Judaism? Jerusalem
When Muslims visit the Kaaba, an Islamic follower needs to... Walk around it 7 times
What is the name of the tall tower where the call to prayer comes for Muslims? Minaret
The Islamic religion calls God by what name? Allah
What is the holy book of Islam? Quran
Describe how a Muslim prays: Facing Mecca, 5 times a day, on a prayer rug
List and Explain the 5 Pillars of Islam. Explain the significance of each to the Islamic religion: A. Faith B. Prayer - 5x a day facing Mecca C. Alms/Charity D. Fasting - during Ramadan E. Hajj/Pilgrimage - to Mecca
Muslims can be broken down into 2 main branches of people. Identify those 2 main branches: Sunni and Shi'ite
Name the 3 major HIndu gods: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva
Explain Dharma: Duty to walk the right path or live according to Hindu teachings
Explain Vedas: Ancient books of Aryans written in sanscript
Explain Ganesh: Elephant headed god of good fortune
Hindu women throw themselves on their husband's funeral fire - what term is used for this? Sati
Why would a Hindu person not believe in injuring an animal? Ahimsa - harm no living-thing
An offering to the Hindu gods, like fruit, flowers and vegetables, is known as: Puja
The most sacred animal to the Hindu people is the: Cow
What is the name of social restriction that's based on the classes of people? Caste System
What term is used for the person who is considered the priestly leader belonging to the Upper caste system of India? Brahman
Created by: SeanBH30
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