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CH 4 Vocabulary

Ibn Sina A Persian doctor who wrote a detailed and extensive medical work that served as a reference book for more than 600 years.
bureaucracy System of government in which a network of departments and agencies carries out the administrative work.
arabesque Design showing intertwined stems, leaves, and flowers of a plant.
Iberian Peninsula A southwestern tip of Europe; present location of Spain and Portugal.
script hand-written letters or symbols of a language.
standing army Fighting force maintained even in times of peace.
Umayyads Group who took control of Muslim lands after Muhammad died.
Abd al-Malik Seventh century caliph who imposed a common language and currency.
mercenary A soldier paid to fight.
Abd al-Rahman III Eighth emir of al-Andalus and first caliph of Cordoba.
golden age Period in which a country or culture is at its peak.
Omar Khayyam Master of the poetic form called the quatrain popular in Persia
Baghdad Capital of the Abbasid Empire.
al-Andalus Muslim Spain
Faction Opposing group
Cordoba Capital of al-Andalus (Muslim Spain)
Calligraphy Art of fine handwriting
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