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Greece Test Review

Greece Test Review, 2/19/16

What 3 bodies of water surround Greece? Mediterranean, Ionian, and Aegean Seas
Government by the people: Democracy
A region in ancient Greece with its own government a city-state or polis
Government by a few people: Oligarchy
Why did Spartans expect male children to steal? To make them tough
The conflict between Troy and Sparta Trojan War
What was inside the Trojan Horse? Greek Soldiers
The Greeks dedicated the Parthenon to.... Athena
What group was known for their military power? Spartans
A place where people traded goods and exchanged ideas: Agora
Socrates was a .... Philosopher
Minoan pottery with geometric designs is an example of.... Art and Architecture
Triremes carrying pottery, olives, and statues is an example of what Theme of Geography? Movement
The military is an example of which feature of civilization? Government
Greeks believed gods and goddesses lived where? Mount Olympus
How would you describe the geography of Greece? Rocky and mountainous
Since traveling by land was difficult, Greeks learned to do what? Build ships and travel by sea
Which group built an advanced society on the island of Crete? Minoans
What led to the end of Minoan civilization? A volcanic eruption
Why did the Greeks trade with other cultures? To obtain food and products they needed; to exchange ideas
The period of warfare and disorder in Greece: The Dark Ages
A city on a hill Acropolis
Democracy worked best under which leader? Pericles
This is a government where citizens elect officials or representatives to make laws: Representative Democracy
This is one way we know Greek Mythology is still part of today's culture: Some sports teams and sports products are named from Greek mythology (Tennessee Titans, Nike)
Alexander the Great was a fierce warrior, so it is interesting that he valued what kind of things? Art and culture
What did Greek philosophers consider important? Use the mind to think and understand
The Olympic Games began in ancient Greece to honor who? Zeus
The many achievements of ancient Greece were important because they greatly influenced what? Western Civilization
Where did democracy begin? Athens
A Greek warship: Trireme
Created by: Mrs.Luck