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Chapter 19

An Age of Exploration and Isolation

Bartolomeu Dias An early Portuguese explorer
Prince Henry The son of Portugal's King.
Vasco da Gama Portuguese explorer who explored the east African coast.
Treaty of Tordesillas In 1494, both Spain and Portugal signed the agreement , in which they agreed to honor the line.
Dutch East India Company Richer and more powerful than England's company.
MIng Dynasty China had become the most dominant power under these folks.
Hongwu A peasent's son , commanded the rebel army that drove the Mongols out of China in 1368.
Yonglo Hongwu's son. Continued his father's policies. Sent out many voyages to explore the outside world, and wanted to expand China's tribute system
Zheng He Chinese Muslim that led Yonglo's voyages. Sailed to eastern Africa, and distributed Chinese silver and silk to show Chinese superiority along the way
Manchus A people, native to Manchuria, who ruled China during the Quin Dynasty
Quin Dynasty Chinese dynasty that lasted for over 260 years. They greatly expanded China's borders.
Kangxi First emperor in 1661 of the Quin Dynasty. Ruled for 60 years. Reduced government expenses and lowered taxes. Promoted artistic growth
Daimyo A Japanese feudal lord who commanded a private army of samurai
Oda Nobunaga Brutal daimyo that sought to control Japan. Captured imperial capital of Kyoyo in 1568, and ruled the empire of Japan by force
Toyotomi Hideyoshi General that set out to destroy hostile daimyo, including Nobunaga. Ended up taking over Japan, China, and Korea
Tokugawa Shogunate A dynasty of shoguns that ruled a unified Japan from 1603 to 1867
Haiku A Japanese form of poetry, consisting of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables
Kabuki A type of Japanese drama in which music, dance, and mime are used to present stories
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