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WH chp 13

Exploration and Discovery

Who had a monopoly on the trade routes leading to the Orient? the Italians
The principal goal of Prince Henry the Navigator was the circumnavigation of Africa
Whose expedition around the Cape of Good Hope to India gave Portugal a lucrative spice trade with India? da Gama’s
Which two countries divided the world between them using the Line of Demarcation? Portugal and Spain
What highly advanced Indian civilization flourished in the Yucatan Peninsula from the fourth through the tenth centuries? Mayan
What Indian group founded the walled city of Tenochtitlan Aztec
The Spanish conquistador’s main advantage over the Natives of the New World was his horse and firearm
The Roman Catholic friar who opposed the cruel treatment of the Indians by his fellow spaniards in the New World was las Casas
Who discovered the Mississippi Hudson
The first great French explorer in the New World was Cartier
was the Father of New France and the founder of Quebec? Champlain
The first permanent English colony in America was Jamestown
A major reason for the decline of Portugal as a great power was the inability to adequately defend an administer so vast an empire
The Dutch established a colony at Cape Town for the purpose of supplying ships
The dominant economic system of the Age of Exploration was mercantilism
A very successful joint-stock company was the British East India Company
Italian who journeyed for four years to get to China Marco Polo
Who was the first to round the Cape of Good Hope Dias
He discovered the West Indies (Caribbean Sea) Christopher Columbus
Was the first Man to circumnavigate the world Magellan
He defeated the Aztecs in Mexico Cortes
He defeated the Incas in Peru Pizarro
He explored the southwestern section of America Coronado
They explored the upper Mississippi River for France Marquette and Joliet
He explored the New York area for the Netherlands Hudson
They claimed the Mississippi Valley from France La Salle
Italian who explored Newfoundland for England and discovered rich fisheries Cabot
Was the viceroy for Portugal in the Orient Albuquerque
What country claimed Brazil Portugal
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