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China vocabulary

Vocabulary to study for History on monday.

HistoryWorld History
Dynasty A line of whom belong the same family.
Pictograph Characters that stand for objects.
Aristocrat Nobles whose wealth came from the land they owned.
Han Wudi The Han Ruler that wanted talented people to run the government and created the Civil Service Examinations.
Acupuncture Medical treatment that is done by putting thin needles into patients skin.
Liu Bang The founder of the Han Dynasty.
Qin Shihuangdi The Ruler of the Qin Dynasty
Legalism A Chinese Philosophy that argued that people were evil and that the only way to create a peaceful society was through strict laws and harsh punishments.
Mandate of Heaven A formal Order that came from heaven that gave to king the right to rule.
Ideographic Characters that join two or more pictographs to represent an idea.
Silk Road A large network of trade routes stretching 400 miles from western china to south west asia and europe.
Filial Piety a social order that placed the needs and desires of the head of the family over their own.
Hanfeizi The Chinese philosopher that developed the concepts of Legalism.
Bureaucracy An organization of appointed officials who are responsible for different areas of government.
Daoism A chinese Philosophy based on the teachings of Laozi that tells people how do behave by giving up worldly desires.
Dao ’’The Way’’ or the ruler that ruled in a proper manner.
Laozi The Founder of Daoism
Classical China Ancient Chinese art or literature
Post Classical China A time after Classical China
Bronze Casting A sculpture made from another sculpture
Magnetic Compass Another word for compass
Civil Service Protector Branches of a government's administration.
Zhou A chinese dynasty that wrote the oldest known chinese literature.
Confucius A chinese philosopher of the century that is found of Confucianism
Han Fei Zi Ancient chinese text
Merchant Someone who sells something
Skilled tradesman A smart trader
Acquire To posses
Effect Cause
Subcontinent A large landmass that is smaller than a continent
Asia A continent
China A country
India A continent
Continent The world's main pieces of land.
Country A nation with it's own government
Trade route A route that people trade. For example, the Silk Road.
Monotheism The belief in one god
Polytheism The belief in many gods
Non-theism The belief in no god.
Created by: rt04691