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Foy WH Ch. 10 Test

Why was so little known about Rome’s early history? No written records exist.
What was the result of the slave uprising led by Spartacus? Eventually, Spartacus was killed and the uprising died. 6,000 rebellious slaves were killed to set an example.
What did the Roman government do to prevent people from being punished for breaking laws they did not even know existed? They created a law code and displayed it in the forum.
What happened to farms as a result of the Roman empire growing? Many farmers left their farms to move to Rome. Rome’s farmers could not grow enough food to support it. Wealthy farmers built large farms run by slaves.
What did Gaius Marius encourage poor people to do? join the army
According to the Aeneid by Virgil, where did Aeneas go after the Greeks destroyed Troy? He fled to Italy and formed an alliance with the Latins.
During difficult wars, who was chosen to rule Rome? dictators
What did Rome’s government leaders do as a result of plebeians complaining about the government? They created a tripartite government.
You are a Roman citizen who would like to spend the day shopping, talking to friends, and listening to public speeches. Where in the city would you go to accomplish all these things? forum
What two mountain ranges in Italy created rugged land that was hard to cross? Alps and Apennines
What are some results of Rome’s territory growing? Leaders feared violence would erupt between rich and poor. There was a slave revolt, led by Spartacus. Other countries saw Rome as a threat and declared war.
What type of natural disaster in Italy created an unsafe living environment? volcanoes
What is the term for keeping one part of the government from becoming stronger or more influential than the others? checks and balances
You are a merchant, just like your father before you. You would love to be able to participate in government, but you don’t have the right yet. What social class do you belong to? plebeian
Which description best describes a republic? Elected officials run the city.
What did the Romans do to protect against anyone staying in power for too long? They limited terms to one year.
What was the result of the civil war between Gaius Marius and Lucius Cornelius Sulla? Sulla defeated Marius and became dictator.
What are some contributions of the Etruscans to the Romans? alphabet, numbers, sewer
You come from a rich, land-owning family. Your father has served as a magistrate for the past year. What social class are you from? patrician
What Trojan leader did Romans believe they could trace their history back to? Aeneas
What was Cincinnatus known for? being a fair dictator
What is the main reason that Roman territory grew? outside threats
Why were Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus killed by wealthy Romans? They tried to create farms for poor Romans to prevent rebellions.
What were some things citizens did to participate in Roman government? attend assembly meetings, voted, held public office
What was the name of the series of wars between Rome and Carthage? Punic Wars
From what group of people were some of the first kings of Rome? Etruscans
What was the end result of the Punic Wars? Rome invaded Carthage and burned the city, winning the war.
According to legend, who began the city of Rome? Romulus and Remus
Why did Italians build their cities on hills? for defense
What was the main reason for Roman success against invasion? The army was organized into legions and centuries.
This group is made up of patricians and plebeians; primary job was to elect the magistrates assemblies
This group was a council of wealthy and powerful Romans that advised the city’s leaders; elected for life senate
This group was elected by the plebeians; had the right to veto actions or laws tribunes
These are the two most powerful magistrates consuls
These are elected officials who oversee the government and the army; elected for one year terms magistrates
Created by: lfoy8290