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bham WW I Test 2018

bham STAR WW I Summative Test Review 2018 2018 2018 2018

What were the long term MAIN causes of WWI besides the killing of the Archduke? Militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism.
Germany,Austria-Hungary,and Italy were part of? Triple Alliance
Which of the following was NOT a reason America entered the war? A) economic ties to Allies or B) Wilson's 1916 presidential election C) Zimmerman Note D) sinking of the Lusitania. B) Wilson's 1916 presidential election
Who was very angry at the outcome of the Treaty of Versailles? Germany
What did Germany lose after the war? lost all power and status in Europe
Why did so many die in WW I? Machine gun, bombs, poison gas.
This strategy consisted of sending thousands of soldiers with little protection "over the top" to attack the enemy through "no man's land". Trench warfare
What part of the Zimmerman Note outraged the Americans? That Germany would help Mexico regain lands lost to the United States in the Mexican American War.
The “spiked helmet” or pickelhaube is arguably one of the most enduring symbols of the First World War for what country? Germany
What was the spark that set WWI in motion? Assassination of the Archduke
What effect did Russia leaving the war have on it? Germany could focus on defeated France.
After Lenin came to power, how did he handle the war? He withdrew Russia from the war.
What was President Wilson able to get in the Treaty of Versailles? The League of Nations
Which country broke the stalemate of WWI? USA
Which leader wanted to create peace so that another war like this would never happen again? Wilson
Getting prepared for war. Militarism
Most destructive new weapon of the war. Machine gun
How did the Treaty hurt Germany Pay 33 bill., no navy, airforce or tanks.
Why did Russia get out of the war? They were losing, people were hungry, and the war costs a lot of money.
Attack France first, then attack Russia is know as Schlieffen Plan
Created by: crbham4