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Renaissance and Reformation

Medici Family They organized a successful banking business and they were a financial supporter of arts
Humanism Intellectual movement at the heart of the Italian renaissance that focused on worldly subjects rather than on religious issues
Humanities Study of subjects taught in ancient Greece and more, such as grammar, rhetoric, poetry and history
Perspective Artistic techniques used to give drawings and paintings a three-dimensional effect
Leonardo Ninja Turtle artist & inventor who made sketches of nature and models in his studio. Famous works-The Last Supper, Mona Lisa, sketches of undersea boat and helicopter.
Donatello Ninja Turtle sculptor. Famous works- Soldier on Horseback
Michelangelo Ninja Turtle sculptor, engineer, painter, architect, poet. Famous works- decoration of ceiling of Sistine Chapel in Rome, design for dome St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome, Statue of David
Raphael Ninja Turtle painter. Famous works- the Madonna (mother of Jesus), Pieta, School of Athens.
Engraving artist etches design on medal plate with acid an then use plate to make multiple prints
Albrecht Durer German artist, inventor, & engraver.
Shakepeare Wrote plays, tragedies, love stories, etc. and made plays more accessible to the common person.
Cervantes Wrote Don Quixote, the first novel.
Gutenberg Invented the printing press and printed 1st complete bible. More books were available and more people learned to read.
Indulgence During the middle ages in the Roman Catholic church, monetary payment for pardoning of sins committed during person's life time
Recant give up ones views or beliefs
Martin Luther Catholic monk who was disillusioned with what he saw as church corruption and worldliness. Believed that faith was the only way for salvation
95 theses Luther's arguments against indulgences and other problems with the church.
King Henry VIII Ruler of England had 6 wives. Started the Church of England
Anglican Church The church that King Henry VIII started. Also known as Church of England
Catholic Reformation Movement set out to revive moral authority of Church and roll back protestant tide
Heliocentric Idea that the earth and planets move around the sun, NOT the earth.
Scientific Method A 7 step process of discovery.
Hypothesis Possible explanation to an idea.
Galileo Italian scientist who proved the Earth revolves around the sun.
Newton Scientists who used mathematics to develop the theory of gravity.
Patron Financial supporter of the arts.
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