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China & Japan

6-3.1 & 6-3.2

What two philosophies did the Warring States Period influence? Confucianism and Taoism
What did trade supported by the Chinese government result in? Resulted in the building of roads and waterways; stimulated trade beyond China's borders
Describe the Silk Road. 4,000-mi. network of routes that stretched from China to the Mediterranean Sea; used to encourage the flow of goods and ideas from one region to another
Gunpowder A mixture of powders used in guns and explosives
What was the result of gunpowder on history? Dramatically altered how wars were fought
How was paper made in medieval China? Made by grinding plant fibers into a paste, then allowing to dry into sheets
Woodblock Printing A form of printing in which an entire page is carved into a block of wood
How was woodblock printing used in medieval China? A printer applies ink to the block, after it was carved, and presses paper against the block to create a printed page
Compass An instrument which uses the magnetic field to show direction
How was the compass used in medieval China? Made it possible to find direction more accurately; used by explorers to cover vast distances
How was poetry used in the Tang Dynasty? Poetry was heavily influenced by Confucian ideas and teachings; Li Bo wrote about life's pleasures; Tu Fu wrote about orderliness and Confucian virtues, also critical of war
How was painting used in the Song Dynasty? Paintings influenced by Daoist teachings; Artists emphasized the beauty of natural landscapes and objects like a single branch or flower
What influenced the development of Japan's history? Its physical (geographic) isolation and its cultural links to China
How was Japan's culture similar to China's culture? The Japanese writing system and language was similar to China's
Shogun Military generals who ruled Japan in the name of the emperor
Daimyo Military lords who ruled the territories of Japan
Samurai Trained professional warriors; most came from noble families
Describe the Japanese Feudal Society. 1. Emperor was at top of society 2. Shogun ruled in emperor's name 3. Daimyo ruled territories of Japan; were loyal to shogun 4. To protect lands, daimyo hired samurai to defend them; samurai paid in land 5. Peasants worked land for samurai
Created by: NYongue