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Global 9 - First Civilizations Unit Test

Why were yearly floods important to the ancient Egyptians? Silt from the flood enriched the soil.
Why were Egyptian pharaohs buried with wealth and possessions? They thought they’d need wealth in the next life.
Why was controlling Nubia important to the Egyptian pharaohs? Nubia was a country rich in gold.
Why was the area around ancient Mesopotamia referred to as the Fertile Crescent? Because the land was well-suited for farming.
Why was learning how to extract iron from metal ore an important discovery to the ancient Hittites? Because iron weapons were superior to bronze and copper weapons.
What change did Zoroaster bring to the Persian people? Monotheism
What contribution to our present day society did we get from the ancient Phoenicians? The alphabet.
What did the Israeli king, Solomon, do that caused a revolt after his death? He raised the taxes too high.
Define “monotheistic.” A belief in one god.
Name three major religions that emerged from the Middle East. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
What contribution to modern society did we get from the Egyptians? Herbal Medicines 12 month Calendar
What contribution to modern society did we get from Sumer? 60 minute hour 360 degree circle
What contribution to modern society did we get from Persia? Money Monotheism
Give two examples of cultural diffusion in the ancient civilizations. Ironworking and pyramid building.
Explain how cultural diffusion can bring about positive changes for a society. 1 – helps people of other cultures understand each other better. 2 – people learn better ways of doing things.
Created by: JTC111