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Test 6- Trans. Cent.

What is Transcaucasia? Region that consists of the republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.
What is the Caspian Sea? Saltwater lake, Largest inland body of water in the world.
What is Thermal pollution? Discharge of unusually hot water causing damage to surrounding habitats.
What is a Command Economy? One in which the central government makes all important economic decisions.
What is the Red Army? The Soviet Military
What is a Supra? A Dinner Party
What is the Silk Road? Route between China and the Mediterranean Sea.
What is the Great Game? British and Russian Empires’ competing interest in the region.
What is the Polygon? It’s where scientist set off 470 nuclear devices.
What is a Nomad? A person who has no permanent home
What is Tbilisi? The capital of Georgia.
What is the Georgian Golden Age? Through (1000-1200) but cut short by a mongolian invasion
What is Astana? Kazakhstan's capital
What is Borderization? Creating obstacles to the freedom of movement and the livelihoods of the local population.
What is Democratization? The process of transitioning from authoritative political regime to a democratic one.
What is the importance of oil & natural gas as a resource for these regions? It’s the only Economic hope for the region.
What has happened to the Aral Sea since the 1960s? What has Kazakhstan done to try to help this? It lost 87% of its water volume, and then in 2005 Kazakhstan built a dam which has helped the North Aral Sea recover.
Why is Transcaucasia called the “Gateway of Migration?” How many cultural groups live in the region today? Connects Europe and Asia, 50
What is “The Polygon?” Where was it located? What was tested here from 1949-1989? What are three health effects this has caused local people? The place where scientist set off 470 nuclear devices. Kazakhstan. Nuclear devices. Leukemia, Birth Defects, Thyroid cancer
Why is there tension in the Ossetia region of Georgia? Who did Georgia fight a war with over this territory? Because a Civil War, Russia
In Georgian society, who is the focal point of the family? Why are art programs struggling in Georgia? Children, Because of Low funding
Why has Kazakhstan tried to diversity its economy? Which new sector has been successful? To develop new sectors, Pharmaceuticals
What is the IMU? Who do they support? A terrorist group which goal is to overthrow the president of Uzbekistan and established an Islamic State. Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS
Created by: JohnLanier12