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Sports Physical


What is the rationale for performing a pre-participation PE? to prevent injury, to prevent death, to prevent morbidity
What predisposing conditions preclude athletes from participating in competitive sport?
Common etiologies of sudden death in young athletes?
if pt has a ______ murmer or greater they should be evaluated by cardiology b4 participating? 2/6
common etiologies of sudden death in young athletes (8) aortic stenosis, brugada syndrome, coronary artery dz, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, long QT syndrome, Marfan, Myocardidits, arrhythmogenic rv cardiomyopathy
Describe the murmer tht should be evaluated for hypertrophic cardiomyopathya and mitral valve prolapse atletes w/ murmur that becomes sofer w/ squatting, louder or longer w/ standing, during a valsalva maneuver
At what stage of HTN should participation by restricted? Stage 2
What PMH do you get? (6) 1. three generations FH for sudden death, 2.Three generaton FH CVD 3. indiv hx of syncope, 4. individual hx of dyspnea, 5. FH or personal hx of asthma, 6. personal hx RF, RHD, arrhythmia, asthma, solitary paired organs
Clinical manifestations of Marfan arachnodactyly, aortic insufficiency murmer, arm span > body, high-arched palate, kyphosis, mitral valve prolapse, myopia, pecus excavatum, thumb/wrist sign
clinical manifestations w/ abnormal pulse findings: large amplitude rapidly risisng pulse hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, aoritc regurge, severe mitral regurg
fixed spliting of heart sounds indicates.... atrial septal defect
Reasons for denial for participation physical features of marfan's,delyd femoral artery pulcoarctation of aorta),paradoxical splits,sys/diast murmers,irreg rhytems,htn,ortho abnomalties, convulsive disorders (certain sports),sickle cell (high exertion/collison),eating disordes, organomegally
Created by: mczarko