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China Vocabulary

Classical China Ancient Chinese art or literature
Post Classical China A time after classical china
Bronze casting A sculpture made from another sculpture.
Magnetic compass Another name for a compass
Civil service system Branches of A government’s administration
Qin Shi Huangdi A bad person. The king of Qin and he united china’s warring states by defeating them.
Wu-ti Emperor of china
Mandate of Heaven An ancient Chinese belief that granted governors the right to rule based on their ability to govern well and fairly.
Zhou A chinese dynasty that wrote the oldest known chinese literature.
Dynasty Rulers of the same family
Laozi A legendary Daoist philosopher that was the founder of Taoism
Confucius A Chinese philosopher of the sixth century that is the founder of Confucianism.
HanFeiZi The greatest of China’s Legalist philosophers. He wrote essays.
Merchant Someone who sells something
Skilled tradesman A smart trader
Acquire To possess
Effect Cause
Sub-continent A large landmass that is smaller than a continent
Asia A continent that contains Mesopotamia, and India, and China.
China A country that we are studying. This includes the Qin, and the Mongols.
India A country that is in Asia.
Continent The world's main pieces of land
Country A nation with its own government
Trade route A route that people trade along. For example the Silk Road
Monotheism the belief in one God
Polytheism The belief in many gods
Non-theism The belief in no God
Background knowledge Information you already know about the topic
Geographic physical features Natural trademarks.
Great Wall A stone wall extending for fifteen hundred miles across northern China.
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