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What does a positive anterior drawer test of the ankle indicate? ATF tear (anterior talofibular ligament)
What does inversion of the ankle test? calcaneofibular ligament
Proximal fibular fx w/ syndesmosis injury Maisonneuve fracture
What 2 tests do you use to assess a syndesmosis injury? squeeze test, external rotation test
An ankfle injury showing tibiofibular widening, "clear space" Syndesmosis injury
Tx for stable sprain air stirrup
tx for unstable sprain casting
dorsal disloction of the proximal base of the 2nd metatarsal when the foot is placed in extreme plantar flexion w/ an axial load Lisfranc fracture
fracture of the metatarsal shaft within 1.5cm of the tuberosity Jones Fx
what test is used to assess tarsal tunnel syndrome? dorseflexion-eversion test
what nerve is compressed in tarsal tunnel syndrome? posterior tibial nerve
What is the main factor in causation of plantar fasciitis? over use
Caused by collagen degeneraton from repetitive microtears of the plantar fascia plantar fasciitis
pain and parstehesia aslong 3rd and 4th toe; inc w/ lateral compression Morton's neuroma
Organism involved in puncture woulnds pseudomonas originosa
tx for cellulitis quinolone (1st generation)
gout tx for underexcretors Probenecid
drug of choice for tophaceous gout allopurinol (caution renal impairment)
What test checks for achliles tendon rupture thompsom test
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