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S & E Asia History

South and East Asia

Nationalism Pride in one's country; desire for self rule. Leads to independence.
Ghandi Nonviolent and nationalist leader of India’s independence movement (boycotts, hunger strikes, Salt March).
civil disobedience Nonviolent protest by peacefully refusing to obey laws that are considered unjust (unfair)
Indian National Congress political party formed to fight for India’s independence from Britain
Salt March 240 mile walk to oppose salt tax (civil disobedience)
India's Independence in 1947 caused what kind of conflict? Religious conflict between Hindus and Muslims. = partition of India (Pakistan for Muslims; India for Hindus)
Ho Chi Minh Communist and nationalist leader of Vietnam's independence (1954) from the French through violence.
What is the name of the Vietnamese troops that fought for freedom against the French? Vietminh
Who was the leader of the nationalist movement in Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh
Great Leap Forward Mao Zedong’s failed plan to create large “communes” that would make farming more productive (it failed).
Cultural Revolution Mao Zedong’s plan to remove all ideas and practices that opposed the Communist Party
Titanimum Square location of massive protests against the Communist Party, where the Chinese government opened fire on peaceful protestors to silence their free speech
Red Guard a youth movement organized by Mao Zedong’s government to promote communism and seek out opposition
Mao Zedong communist leader of China- cultural revolution, great leap forward
Communism political & economic system in which EVERYTHING belongs to and is decided by the government
Infrastructure the necessary primary systems for a city or country to function (roads, schools, hospitals, power plants, etc)
colonization/imperialism a country’s policy of taking over another country, usually to gain valuable resources
Domino theory the United States’ belief that if one Asian nation fell under communism, others would soon follow, like dominos
DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) border between North & South Korea, set up after the Korean War and remaining today
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