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MT C2 Body Structure

abdomin/o abdomen or belly
aden/o gland
adip/o fat
an- without
anter/o front
bi- two
caud/o tail
cephal/o head
coron/o crown
crin/o secrete
dist/o far
dors/o back side
end/o & endo- within or inside
epi- upon, above, on or upper
exo- out of
hist/o tissue
infer/o beneath or below
inguin/o groin
lapar/o abdomen
later/o side
medi/o middle
ne/o new
nucle/o nucleus
-oma tumor
pariet/o wall
path/o & -path disease
pelv/o pelvic cavity
periton/o peritoneum
-plasia formation, develop & growth
-plasm formative substance
poster/o back
prot/o first
proxim/o near
retr/o behind
super/o above or higher than
thorac/o chest
trans- across
umbilic/o umbilicus, belly button
ventr/o front or belly side
viscer/o viscera or internal organs
The main structures of this system are the bones, joints, & cartilage Skeletal System
Name the 4 planes that divide the body into sections midsagittal (midline), sagital, frontal, transverse
List the 4 types of tissues Epithelium, Connective, Muscle, & Nerve
List the 4 types of connective tissue with an example for each Dense connective tissue (bone & cartilage) Adipose tissue (fat) Loose connective tissue (surrounds organs & supports nerve cells and blood vessels Liquid connective tissue (blood & lymph)
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