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Ancient Greece 1

Amphitheater Open air seating large enough to seat more than 10.000 people with a stage area
Trireme The fastest Greek war ship. It took 170 men to row it.
Olympics An athletic event held every 4 years to honor Zeus
Socrates One of the most famous and influential Greek philosophers who was a teacher of Alexander the Great
Trojan Horse A large figure of a horse which could hold soldiers inside that helped the Greeks win a 10 year war against the city state of Troy
Hoplite A Greek soldier (only wealthy men)
Amphora Two-handled containers used to store oil and grain
Laurel Wreath A ​circle of ​leaves that, in the past, was ​worn on the ​head by an ​important ​person or the ​winner of a ​competition
Monarchy A government ruled by a king or a queen. "Rule by one"
Democracy A system of government in which citizens vote to make governmental decisions.
Oligarchy A government ruled by a few powerful people. "Rule by a few"
Tyrant One who assumes ultimate power by force. A dictator.
City-State A city that is also a separate , independent state with it's own government
Polis Another name for city-state . Means "city'
Acropolis A large hill overlooking Athens with temples where residents sought shelter and safety in times of war
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