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Hand and Wrist


pain over styloid w/o truama DeQuervain's
Pain at base of thumb CMC arthritis
Pain w/ well defined mass ganglion
pain, loss of motion. on xray lunate appears really white Kienbochc's, osteonecrosis of the lunate
widening of space between the scaphoid and lunate consistant w/dislocation Terry-Thomas Sign
numbness in the hand is .... carpal tunnel until proven otherwise
what is ulanr sided numbness consistant w/ cubital tunnel
what organism is most common in dog/cat bites? pasteurella multocida
Tx for carpal tunnel wrist splint, NSAID, injections, decrease activity, surgery
Adverse outcomes of carpal tunnel permanent loss of sensation, thenar atrophy, weakness of opposition
indicated by a positive Findlestein Test deQuervain Synovitis
Tx for deQuervain Synovitis thumb spica splint, NSAID, injection, surgery
nodular thickening and contracture of the palmar fascia; seen in northern european decent and men >50 Dupuytren Dz
Presents w/ one or more painless nodules at distal palmar crease; finger may not flex at MCP; ring finger most common, extension limitied. Pt has trouble griping/holding obj/putting hand in pockets Dupuytren Dz
Tx Dupuytren Dz splints, surgery
In what infxn of the fingertip is I&D contra-indicated Herpetic Whitlow
presents as severe pain and swelling at the finger pad, swollen red and tense w/ possible puncture wouldn Felons: tx I&D
Swelling of tissues around the finger nail, usually one side at the base; not as painful paronychia
What should you never inject into digits? EPINEPHERINE
Lacerated FDP - unable to flex... DIP
Lacerated FDS - uanble to flex... PIP
"Jersey Finger" is an avulsion of... FDP at the insertion
Most common raius fracture: fragment is upward and dorsal Colles fracture
Radius fracture: fragment is downward and volar Smith fracture
Where do most scaphoid fractures occur? 60% in waist
How long may it take for a schaphoid fracture to show on xray? 1 month
What is the most common hand fracture? 5th metacarpal
Fracture of distal metaphysiseal injuries from striking a closed fist against a hard surface Boxer's Fracture - 5th metacarpal
Oblique fracture at the base of the thumb that enters the CMC joint Bennett fracture
Y-Shaped intra-articular fracture at the base of the thumb Rolando
Osteonecrosis of the lunate aka... Kienboch Disease
What age range does Kienboch Dz affect men 20-40 y/o
presents w/ pain stiffness, diffuse swelling over the dorsum of the wrist. possible weaness. inability to grasp heavy obj. lunate tenderness. Keinboch dz
WHITE LUNATE on xray Keinboch dz
Rupture or avulsion of the insertion of extensor tndon into the dorasl aspect of the distal phalanx; may be bony or soft tissue Boney or soft tissue mallet
Pain and inability to straighten fingertip. DIP is flexed. dorsal areal over DIP is tender and swollen Boney or soft tissue mallet
ulnar collateral ligament injury of thumb Gamekeeper's Thumb
flexor tendon can not bowstring trigger finger
2 causes of trigger finger idiopathic or RA
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