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Egypt (Part 1)

Egypt (Part 1- info through Old Kingdom)

Term OR ConceptDefinition OR Explanation
papyrus name of a river reed AND the name of the paper-like material that the Egyptians wrote on
"Gift of the Nile" another name for ancient Egypt
What direction does the Nile flow? North
delta fan-shaped area of fertile land (shortly before Nile reaches the sea)
basins bowl-shaped holes used to water crops during dry seasons
shadoof machine used to lift water from Nile to the basins
hieroglyphics type of writing where pictures stand for words or sounds
The Old Kingdom C. 2600 B.C.; lasted ~500 years Early Egyptian civilization that stayed along the Nile River. Characterized by pyramid building and a strong central government in the figure of the pharaoh.
What does "fixed social class" mean? It was difficult to move to a different social class, you were born into your class.
How did social mobility happen in Egypt? Only happened through service to the pharaoh and/ or education
What group was at the bottom of the Egyptian social class structure? Who held the top position? Slaves were at the bottom of the social structure. The pharaoh held the highest position in society.
pharaoh term meaning “great house”- ruler, priest, and god to the Egyptians
pyramids Tombs built for pharaohs during the Old Kingdom- contained their earthly possessions
sarcophagus mummy's outer coffin
According to modern historians based on archaeological evidence, what group primarily built the pyramids? skilled workers and maybe some off-season farmers
polytheistic believed in many gods
mummy preserved body
embalming the process for making a mummy/ the act of preserving a body
The Book of the Dead not actually a book but collection of prayers and instructions used in the mummification process
What 3 functions did the Nile serve? 1) provided transportation; 2) irrigation for farming; 3) connected the empire at the height of its power
Khufu largest pyramid built for this pharaoh
Menes (Narmer) first leader of the unified Egypt
Created by: Dr. Bohny