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General Ortho


What leads to 75% of all adult amputations (#1 cause)? DM or Peripheral Vascular Dz
What is amputated in a Ray resection? metatarsal and corresponding toe
What is a SYMES amputation? ankle disarticulation
For what pts is a knee disarticulations preferred? non-ambulatory
Who would not be a good candidate for trans-femoral amputation? Pt w/ inadequate cardiovascualr fxn
What is the cause of most ulcers or infxns post amputation? inadequate tissue envelope or poor prosthetic fit
What is used to treat residual limb pain? Pt education is best. May req antiseizure membrane stabilizing drugs (Gabapentin) or TENS.
What organisms usually cause osteomyelitis? Usually Pyogenic. Possibley TB, Syphilis, viral or fungal.
How is osteomyelitis infxn usually spread? thorugh the blood (hematogenous route)
Pt presents with unrelenting pain, fever, generalized aches and pains, flushed appearance and localited tenderness over the bone. On exam motion is painful, there is focal bone tenderness, swelling, erythema, What are these s/s for? Osteomyelitis
What studies do you order for suspected Osteomyelitis? WBC, ESR, X-Ray, Blood Culture, Aspiration
What are the tx for osteomyelitis? aspiration, antibiotics, surgical decompression
What are the 4 phases to Sports Med? initial, functional, sport-specific and graduated
a stretching or tearing of a ligament sprain
often associated w/ sudden trauma and a "pop" or "snap". occurs more often in older adolescents, young and middle aged adults sprain
tearing of a muscle/tendon strain
more common in middle-aged and older adults bc of loss of elasticity, sudden stretch, may involve a snalp or tearing strain
Created by: mczarko